Erin Mallea is a multidisciplinary artist based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Working across media, her practice is rooted in a generative research process in which she observes, documents, inquires, listens, records, and collects. She enacts a  methodology of site-specific fieldwork that examines literal and symbolic constructions of place, the natural and built landscape, and the history and present of the spaces she inhabits.  A child of the Mountain West and a “fly-over” state, Erin is committed to exploring the complexities of place, notions of “landscape”, and how perceptions and imagery of these concepts are generated and commodified. Erin utilizes contextual practice, photography, installation, drawing, and video within a process of critical observation that is analytical, meandering, and playful. Her work is contextual in nature and often encompasses interaction with the public, local organizations, and institutions 

Erin has exhibited and produced educational programming nationally. She has used a picnic table beside a lake in the Mt. Hood National Forest as a collaborative art-making space, submitted partnership proposals to Carnegie Mellon University Grounds and Facilities to no avail, and recently gave a presentation to the Allegheny County chapter of the “Colonial Dames of America” advocating for an update to one of their historical monuments and the ethical memorialization and representation of a local oak tree.

Erin is currently a MFA Candidate ('19) at Carnegie Mellon University. She earned a B.A. in Studio Art and Art History from Loyola Marymount University in 2012. 


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