From Maine to Georgia, 2012 - 2014

From Maine to Georgia is a selection of found and handmade mailings I sent to friends, family, and mentors while hiking the Appalachian Trail.  Over the course of the 5-month, 2,180-mile trek, I became interested in my immediate reality versus idealized narratives of  “wilderness” and “Americana”.  Affected by the unavailability of my customary communication methods and the importance of written and oral histories within the AT hiking culture, I began to share artifacts of my experience through the USPS.  These notes, drawings, and objects were unpredictable and unexplained echoes of my reality on the trail.  For some recipients, these mailings demystified components of my journey.  For others, the mail mystified my history further, weaving the experience with characteristics of the sublime and transcendent and blurring the lines between fact and fiction, the routine and the romantic.  The objects became personal and shared markers of time and place—pin drops within a larger concrete and immaterial geography. 


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